Book Summary - Making Habits, Breaking Habits

creation date: 2015-01-03, latest update: 2015-01-09

How long does it take to form a habits?

On average 10 weeks. It depends on the task difficulty.

3 characteristics of habits

  1. Automatic (mostly unconciously)
  2. Emotionless (numbed through repetition)
  3. Context-based trigger (by environment or other means)

Intention follows habits

Once habits are formed, we mostly justify them without realizing the original cause. (Example, always buying coffee on the way to office)

Steps for forming habits

  1. Find out bad habits to stop and good habits to form
  2. Notice/decide on the trigger
  3. Visualize the specific intention/process on the habit, plus the accomplishment. Example: when waking up, I will do 10 push up while smiling happily.
  4. Do "ifs" and "thens". Try to visualize the "toughest" path to goal, with all potential obstacles. Then see yourself going through all of them merrily, coming out winning.
  5. Repeat and monitor for 6 weeks